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Stop smoking in 1 hour with Hypnosis

Lose weight easily with our 'Neuro-Slimming Programme'

Experience Amazing Changes with confidence, phobias, anxieties and more...

Get your FREE relaxation download >Here
Get your FREE relaxation download >Here

Lose Weight / Neuro Slimming ProgrammeLose Weight with Our Neuro-Slimming Programme.

Are you overweight? Call us FREE on 0800 083 9799 to find out about our four session Neuro-Slimming Programme.

Here's an easier way to become the size and shape you want to be.
Our advanced cognitive hypnosis methods can give you the motivation, that you otherwise lack, to follow your chosen nutritional and exercise plan, keeping you on track to become the size, shape, and weight you wish to be by harnessing the most powerful part of your mind.


Willpower not required!

You may have found it difficult to lose weight in the past because you've relied on willpower alone. With our methods you no longer rely purely on your willpower. We gently guide you into re-programming your negative eating and exercise habits at the root cause of the problem in your unconscious mind, in just four simple, easy, and relaxing sessions.

Take control, claim back your right to be the 'real' you...

We help you breakthrough all psychological blocks to becoming the size and shape you deserve to be. Isn't it time you took control? You will be pleased you did when you begin to shed those unwanted pounds and feel what it is like to improve your health and vitality. Imagine how you feel as you hear the compliments when your loved ones see the 'new' you.

"After years of "yo-yo" dieting, discovering NeuroSlimming has indeed changed my life and my approach to my diet and exercise. During my weight loss programme, I have at no time felt deprived or cheated in any way. I approach food and exercise in a very positive way now. I have reached my goal weight; the back up tape is invaluable, a pleasure to listen and very relaxing. Thank you very much, Mark."
Mrs M Baillie

"Since I finished my consultation, I have consistently lost weight, and over the last six months, I have lost 7 stones, and I feel great. A big thank you."
Mr G Clutton
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